This activity covers payments to staff for reimbursement of expenses incurred during travel on Institute business. Each member of staff must get clearance from his/her Head of School or function  or higher in advance of organising a trip.

Receipts – Please remember all expenses claimed (except mileage & subsistence) must be receipt based e.g. Toll Receipts must be scanned & included with your claim.

There is only one exception to this rule and that is where a claim is made for travel by the cheapest available method (i.e. train to Dublin). In this case a receipt is not insisted on but, should be provided when available.

Please refer to the Travel & Subsistence (and other expenditures) Policy for full policy details.


Core ESS Expense Training Documents can be found here

Expense form for Research Students can be found here


Club Travel  – With effect from March 2016, all foreign flights must be booked through Club Travel. Once an employee gets President’s approval for foreign travel; flights, accommodation & rail tickets can be booked through Club Travel using a Purchase Order.  When accommodation is paid direct by the institute, staff may claim a maximum of 10 hour subsistence per day.

Queries to Sara Feely

Expense Help Desk CoreExpense@nullcorehr.com