Alternative Maths Exam at IT Sligo

An alternative maths exam will take place on Monday 14th September at IT Sligo. This is for students who did not get the results expected in their leaving certificate to meet the entry requirements of our programmes.

Two exams are set, equivalent to both the ordinary level and the honours level Leaving Certificate mathematics exams.  A pass in this special exam will be deemed equivalent to meeting the mathematics entry requirements for our programmes.

To book a place on this exam, please complete the below form:

Alternative Maths Exam Registration

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To prepare for this exam, please see some support options below:

Ordinary level students can download the past exam papers of this special exam here.

A free online pre-degree Mathematics Open Course MOOC for higher level Maths is also available. The MOOC provides on-line resources including revision notes and sample papers to support students taking the higher level examination. Honours and Ordinary level mathematic students are welcome to take part in this MOOC.

To access the MOOC, please follow the below steps:

1. Register your name and email address on the Open Course (MOOC) website here.

2. Once registered on the site enrol on the course here (the enrolment key is civil2017).

If mathematics is not your thing, do not worry. IT Sligo offer a wide range of courses where mathematics is not an entry requirement.

For more information please contact