Certificate in Lean Sigma Quality (Six Sigma Green Belt) (Online)

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  • Course Code SG_ELSIG_S07
  • Duration 1
  • Credits 15*
  • NFQ Level 7

Course Summary

The IT Sligo Six Sigma Green Belt provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills, using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) model. This course will show you how to, reduce cost, increase quality, improve speed and make processes more effective and efficient in your organisation. This Green Belt course covers the use of statistical, analytical and operational improvement tools to improve processes using a structured problem-solving methodology.

Through practical examples and exercises, learners will become proficient in the use of the problem-solving techniques used to monitor and control processes. This ‘learning by doing’ approach also allows for better integration of the tools into the participant’s workplace.

Ten reasons to enrol on the IT Sligo Green Belt course.

  1. Ireland’s largest online accredited Green Belt programme with participants from leading multinational and local employers.
  2. Study anytime, anywhere. The course is delivered 100% online with weekly live and recorded lectures. 
  3. Accredited by Quality Qualifications Ireland (QQI) – 15 credits at Level 7 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ).
  4. Internationally recognised – as  our syllabus covers both the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and Quality America Body of Knowledge (BOK), an additional external certification is also an option.* (More details will be provided during the course)
  5. Delivered by Irish National Teaching Expert award-winning lecturers with industry experience. The IT Sligo lecturers have delivered online Lean Six Sigma courses to over 10,000 participants in 50 countries worldwide.
  6. Course content includes industry examples from medical device, pharma, food, manufacturing, healthcare and the service sectors.
  7. Over 250 practice questions and online quizzes included in the course.
  8. The course includes Minitab – the statistical and process improvement software used by many leading employers. Access to Minitab software is provided to students to use during the course at no additional charge. 
  9. Participants undertake a work-based project to allow the use of the Lean Six Sigma tools in their workplace. An IT Sligo supervisor is assigned to each student to support them during the project. (A simulated project option is available for those unable to complete a work-based project.)
  10. Typical savings to the organisation from each Green Belt project is €15K (annualised).

Key Course Information

Lean Sigma Green Belt Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: Who is the Lean Sigma Green Belt course aimed at?
Answer: The Six Sigma Green Belt provides participants with enhanced problem-solving skills, using the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) model. This certification is in great demand by employers across all sectors in either manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, healthcare or service sectors. It is suitable for all levels within the organisation from operator to supervisor and technician through to engineering and management level.

Q2: How often do I need to attend IT Sligo?
Answer: There is no requirement to attend IT Sligo as all lectures are delivered live online each week which you can log into from your home or workplace. Recordings are also available if you cannot log into the live lecture.

Q3: What are the prerequisites for the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course?
Answer: Applicants are expected to have passed Leaving Certificate or equivalent in maths due to the Statistics covered in the course syllabus.  It is preferable that you would be in a position to complete a Six Sigma Green Belt project with an employer. If you are unable to complete a Six Sigma work-based project, a simulated Six Sigma project will be made available. More details on the project requirements are listed below.

Q4: Do I need to complete the Yellow Belt before enrolling on the Green Belt course?
Answer: No - The Green Belt course covers all of the material on the Yellow Belt course.  If you first enrol onto the Yellow Belt and then wish to continue onto the Green Belt course, you will be exempt from one of the Green Belt modules. You will then need to complete one additional module and a project to obtain your Green Belt award. 

Q5: What are the lecture days and times?
Answer: There are approx. 1.5 - 2 hours of lectures delivered live online each week. Live lectures are scheduled between 6 pm and 10 pm from Monday – Thursday each week.  The actual day and time of your online lecture will be provided to you before lectures commence. These lectures are also recorded so you can watch them anytime if you cannot attend the live lecture.

Q6: How much study time is required per week?
Answer: Previous participants stated that they spent on average 3 - 5 hours per week studying the course material and completing any quizzes or assignments that are due that week. If you are already familiar with some of the topics from your prior work or educational experience, this may be less. For the Project, this can be done as part of your work schedule and we estimate this should take 3 - 6 hours per week during the second semester.

Q7: What type of exams are needed to pass this course?
Answer: The Six Sigma 1 and Six Sigma 2 modules are assessed through a combination of continuous assessment and a final online exam. For the Six Sigma 3 module there is a project presentation and report to be completed. These are all submitted online.

Q8: How long does the course last?
Answer: The course duration is 2 semesters (28 weeks). The course will run from September - December and from Jan - April each year. You may enrol in either September or January.  Previous participants have stated that this gives the optimum learning experience and allows you to use the Lean Six Sigma tools in your workplace.

Q9: Is there an induction programme for new students?
 You will be notified of the details of the online the induction once you register on the course. 

Q10: If I fail in any of the exams, what is the provision to repeat?
Answer: Repeat exams are held in August. There is a nominal repeat exam fee - approx. €75. You can repeat the exams three times.

Q11: What type of work-based project needs to be completed for a Six Sigma Green Belt?
Answer: The work-based project will test the student’s ability to define a real-life problem of concern to the organisation, design a strategy for addressing the problem, gather data, formulate and evaluate options and make recommendations.  A financial saving must be identified for Green Belt projects. The target savings should be approx. €1250 Euros per month or €15K per year. However, we recognise that this is somewhat dependent on the size of the company you work in and your role in the organisation. You will have an opportunity to discuss this in more detail with your lecturer and IT Sligo project supervisor.

Examples of typical projects:

  • Any Lean or Six Sigma project that seeks to improve quality, reduce time and have a financial saving.
  • Quality improvement/defect reduction
  • Reduce lab turnaround time
  • Reduce accounts payable invoice processing costs
  • Reduced machine setup time

Q12: Do you provide an alternative project if I cannot complete a work-based project with my employer?
Answer: Yes - if you are unable to complete a work-based project, a simulated Lean Six Sigma project will be provided by your lecturer to allow you to use the Six Sigma tools and the Minitab statistical analysis software.

 Q13: What will be the QQI level of credits I will receive by completing this course?
Answer: You receive 15 credits at Level 7 if you successfully complete all three modules. You will receive a QQI Certificate in Lean Sigma Quality from IT Sligo.

Q14: Do I have to take all three modules in one year?
Answer: Modules can be studied over a longer period of time if required - up to 2 years. For example, you can take the Six Sigma 1 & 2 modules during the first year followed by the Six Sigma 3 project module the following year.   You will receive 5 credits for each module you successfully complete. Please check the course schedule as modules are normally only offered in one semester.

Q15: What are the IT Sligo course fees?

Answer: The course fees are listed on the IT Sligo Green Belt website. The costs shown include course fees, examinations fees, access to the online lectures, access to the learning management system Moodle where course notes and reading material are provided. Access to Minitab software is also included which you can use during the course. The only additional cost for the student is the course textbook which is estimated to be approx. €40 per student. 

Q16: Are there any grants available for course fees?
Answer: The course has in the past been grant aided by the Irish government under the Springboard initiative for those applicants not in employment and a 90% funding for those in employment. If Springboard funding available for this year’s course, this will be listed on the Green Belt course page on the IT Sligo and the Springboard website. https://springboardcourses.ie/

Participants have also received funding (approx. 20%) from relevant Skillnets such as ICBE and MedTech. Check with your employer for funding under Skillnets. Enterprise Ireland (EI) and IDA client companies may also provide funding under their Lean initiatives. Please follow up directly with your EI or IDA client advisor.  Many students have their employer sponsor them as the IT Sligo course is competitively priced.

Q17: My company is paying my fees, can IT Sligo issue me with an invoice?
Answer: Yes - an invoice can be issued to your employer - you will need to contact admissions@itsligo.ie to organise this.

Q18: Does the course fee include VAT?
Answer: There is no VAT on training courses in Ireland so the fee shown on the website is the amount payable for your fees.

Note: If you wish to take the optional additional ASQ / Quality America certifications, then the one-day workshop and exam fees are paid directly to the external provider and not to IT Sligo.

Q19: Is the external ASQ / Quality America Green Belt exam mandatory?
Answer: No - the ASQ or the Quality America external Green belt is an optional additional qualification. The ASQ / Quality America exam preparation workshop and exam fees are paid directly to the external providers. They are NOT included in your IT Sligo fees. Note: For the (optional) ASQ/Quality America exam, these exams are normally held in June and December each year.  You can take these any time after you complete the IT Sligo green belt course. Further details will be provided when you enrol on the course if you wish to obtain an additional certification.

Q20: Is the external Green Belt fee covered under Springboard funding?
Answer: No - the external green belt certification from ASQ / Quality America is in addition to the Certificate in Lean Sigma Quality that you obtain from IT Sligo. The fee for the external exam goes to the external provider and not to IT Sligo.  It is therefore not covered under Springboard funding.

Application Closing Date : 31st August 2021

Entry Requirements

You do not have to complete the Yellow Belt before enrolling onto this Green Belt. The Green Belt course covers all of the material on the Yellow Belt course so you can enrol directly onto this Green Belt course.

Applicants are expected to have passed Leaving Certificate or equivalent in maths due to the Statistics covered in the course syllabus.

If you are concerned about your maths ability, IT Sligo now provide access to a free Mathematics Support Centre to all students. Here you can book online tutorials with our Maths tutors to review any queries you may have with the maths in your programme of study. Further details http://w20.itsligo.ie/student-hub/maths-support-centre/

A good understanding of English language, literacy, numeracy and computer skills are required to be successful on this course.

Career Opportunities

As Ireland's largest provider of accredited Lean Six Sigma training, this IT Sligo Green Belt certification is in great demand by employers across all sectors in the manufacturing, medical device, pharmaceutical, food, healthcare and the service sectors. Search under 'Green Belt' or 'Six Sigma' on  https://www.irishjobs.ie/

There are a number of career paths available, as the Lean, OpEx and Six Sigma tools can be very effective in improving business processes in a variety of different industries and sectors. Many roles now include a requirement for a Green Belt certification including:

  • Continuous Improvement / Lean Coach
  • Production Supervisor / Manager
  • Quality Supervisor
  • Quality Technician / Engineer
  • Quality Manager
  • Process / Manufacturing Engineer
  • Process Excellence Specialist
  • Supplier Quality Manager
  • HR / Change Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Operational Excellence Specialist
  • Business Excellence Lead

Further Study

Students completing the Green Belt with IT Sligo can progress to a Six Sigma Black Belt award.  In addition, as IT Sligo offers online Quality programmes at Levels 7, 8 and 9 on the National Framework of Qualifications (NFQ), there will be a progression path for those students who pass the Green Belt course and wish to continue on with a degree in Quality or Manufacturing Management.  Students who meet the eligibility criteria to enter the full degree programme can upgrade their skills in specific areas while still earning credits towards a final degree award.

Optional ASQ / Quality America Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

As the IT Sligo Green Belt syllabus covers both the American Society for Quality (ASQ) and the Quality America exam Bodies of Knowledge (BOK) you may wish to gain an additional certification to your accredited IT Sligo award by sitting an external exam. Further details will be provided during your course of study at IT Sligo.

Note that these additional qualification(s) are NOT mandatory. The ASQ/Quality America exam preparation workshop and exam fees are paid directly to the external providers. They are NOT included in your IT Sligo fees. 


“We selected IT Sligo as they are the leading provider of accredited online learning programmes in Ireland. Their online learning systems allow our employees to access the course material anytime, anywhere. It provides us with the unique ability to train over 2,000 of our employees in a cost-effective way across 10 sites working on multiple shifts. This online course is a key part of the progression path for Glanbia employees who wish to continue to upskill and earn additional qualifications such as Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certification.” Michael Phelan, Glanbia Ireland’s Head of Operations and Supply Chain Excellence

Read the full story here 

Programme Fees

Green Belt Course Fees: €1500

Springboard+ 2020 Approved Course: A limited number of places are available on the Springboard+ 2020 programme.  If you are unemployed, you may be entitled to free fees for this programme under this initiative. If this programme is funded you will find it and be able to submit an application on the Springboard site at www.springboardcourses.ie


Course Format

Semester 1

Six Sigma 2 Statistical Control [E]05
Lean & Operational Excellence (OpEx) [E]05

Semester 2

Six Sigma 1 - Introduction to Lean Sigma Quality05

Semester 3

Project Six Sigma 305

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.