My future career

Following the process below will help you plan your career…

Self assessment : Working out the type of person you are ?

If you’re not sure what to do after finishing your course or just want to start to working out what type of Career may suit you, your first step is to do some self-assessment. Self-assessment is the starting point for any future career decisions.

This involves finding answers to the following questions:

  • What am I good at? (Yours skills)
  • What interests me? (Your interests)
  • What motivates me? (Your values)
  • What type of person am I ? (Your personality)
  • What do I have to offer an employer? (Your qualifications/experience)

Online Career Planning Resources to help with Self assessment

Thankfully there are many resources to help you in this process. Prospects Planner is a computer-based guidance tool designed for Higher Education students which can help you to clarify your ideas and suggests which types of jobs might suit you.

Career Directions and Qualifax both have Career interest and Matching exercises which will help you explore some additional options.


Contact the Careers Service for free access to ‘Team Focus’ a free online Psychometric testing facility which will help you with this process of self assessment and provide you with a report on the ‘Type’ of person you may be in your future working environment.

Identifying your skills

It is estimated that approximately half of all graduate jobs are now open to students from any discipline. The quality of your degree and your experience in college and work are now viewed as equally important as your subjects. Employers are increasingly interested in your transferable skills and work experience as well as your particular degree discipline.

Key transferable skills include problem solving, interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team.

The following Transferable Skills survey will help you identify some of the skills you currently possess and highlight some areas you may consider improving.

The Careers service has additional resources to help you identify the types of skills required in today’s workplace and how you can identify your own. Arrange an appointment with the Careers Officer for further information.

What type of personality are you ?

Our personality influences how we do things – interact with others, plan our work, use our leisure time and tackle problems to name but a few. Because of its wide-ranging effects, understanding personality is central to our self-awareness and development.

The following free online assessment tools will help you think about the type of personality you are.

Researching types of Career / Occupation

Once you have a good understanding of your interests, skills and values, you are in a position to explore various career options and relate them to your profile. Use this site to explore Options with your subject.

The following sites contain detailed information on potential career options and sectoral information.

Don’t miss the IT Sligo Careers Fair, a unique opportunity to meet 50+ potential employers on-campus. The 2008 Careers Fair takes place on Wednesday 30th January in the Aula.

Decision making

Based on your own self assessment and research into potential options that are available, you need to ask yourself the following questions in order to help you make your choice:

  • Which career option is most attractive to me?
  • What does the work involve?
  • What qualifications are required?
  • Do I have the appropriate set of skills?
  • Are there job opportunities in this area?
  • What are the promotional prospects?
  • If jobs are limited in this area, what are the related areas?

Based on your answers to these questions, and knowledge of your profile, you should now be able to draw up a short-list of your career options. The next thing you need to consider is how you make decisions. Remember you have made many decisions to get you to this point in your life for example subjects chosen, work experience gained and your choice of college.

Mind Tools is a useful online resource which will help you analyse the process involved in making better decisions.

Putting the above process into action !!

If you have decided on your preferred career options, you need to start planning and implementing a course of action to convert your choice into reality. Make a list of all the things you need to do, and allocate each a timeframe. Your list should include tasks such as compiling a CV, completing application forms, preparing cover letters, preparing for interviews and keeping records of applications. Check out the CV and Cover Letters section of this site as well as the Interview section.

The Careers Service will run workshops throughout the year on the above process and an appointment service runs from Monday to Friday throughout the year. We are located opposite the library in Student Services.

Online career Planning resources