Welcome to the Student Counselling Service.

Location:  The Student Counselling Service is located on the ground floor of the Student Centre beside the Students Union.

Opening Hours:  Monday to Friday:  9am – 4pm

Here at I.T. Sligo, the Student Counselling Service aims to provide a confidential support service that is free of charge to all registered I.T. Sligo students residing in the Republic of Ireland.

The service offers students the opportunity to explore any issue which may be impacting on their mental health and general well-being in a confidential setting.


Be assured that confidentiality is a central and integral part of the counselling process. It offers safety and privacy to students who choose to discuss personal and private concerns, and it safeguards against any inappropriate or unnecessary disclosures.

All information given by you to your counsellor is confidential and won’t be disclosed to anyone outside of the Student Counselling Service. The only exception is if your counsellor is concerned about immediate risk to you or a third party.

Making an Appointment/Referral

The Counselling Service operates on an appointment basis. If you would like to make an appointment , please contact the service by:

Referring Students to the Student Counselling Service  – Staff Guide.

In the event of an emergency or a crisis, it is important to state this on contacting the Counselling Service.

If you are a student and are concerned about another student, it is helpful to:

  • Discuss attending the student counselling service with the student
  • Reiterate that the Counselling Service is confidential
  • Provide accurate information on how to access the Service
  • Where necessary accompany the student to the Service
  • Self-referral to the Counselling Service is welcomed and encouraged. No referral letter is necessary

Please contact the Counselling Service Reception for further information.

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