Academic Teaching Software

Academic Teaching Software

The Institute has software and services in place for all academic staff to place their course content, present lectures and record classes online and deliver those materials to their students remotely.

The main software is highlighted  below.

If you require support in placing your content online or how to get started please do not hesitate to contact the Instructional Design Team who have a wealth of experience in this area.

The instructional design team can provide you with remote support via email and live support (via Adobe Connect).

Please use email to contact them:

Barron Cawley:

Jennifer Gilligan:

Louise Kearins:

Ellen Mc Cabe:

Mairéad Noone:

If you need to be enrolled onto a Moodle page or if you need to get an Adobe Connect account you will need to send in a Helpdesk ticket to IT Services. (You will only need an Adobe Connect account if you are going to teach via live classes).

Just to remind you we have inserted a copy of the Staff and Student helpsheets for remote teaching/ learning in our Centre for Online Learning Moodle page, along with our self service online courses and text /video help.




Access to Adobe Connect

Use Adobe Connect for live interactive Web Meetings, eLearning and Webinars.





Moodle is IT Sligo’s Learning Management System or LMS

  • All lecturers & students can access it at
  • IT Services are currently responsible for Supporting Technical Issues in Moodle to Staff and Students
  • Moodle enables lecturers to provide learning material (pdf, video, lecturer recordings, web links etc.) to students to access in their own time
  • Moodle enables communication between lecturers and students
  • Moodle provides assessment tools such as access quizzes
  • Students can download assignments and upload solutions. Solutions can be verified using Turnitin.



If you require a live discussion with your class verbally I would recommend keeping this within teams, again as show on the teams page, you can create a “team” for your class or work group.


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