Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Creative Design

  • Course Fact File
  • Course Code SG245
  • Duration 4
  • Points Required 261*
  • NFQ Level 8

Course Summary

Everything around us has been designed by someone. Some things are designed and work better than others. Innovative design solutions are fundamental to economic growth, social development and prosperity across all sectors in the modern world, irrespective of where you live.

This course educates people like you, future creative designers, enabling you to to become proficient in a range of analytical, technical, R&D, social and applied design skills. When you complete this course you will already be an experienced and professional designer, ready and confident to take on the challenges of the design world. Working on real-world design projects for real-world clients is a central element of this course.

Entry Requirements

Entry requirements for CAO 2020 courses at ITSligo are available for download below:

This programme particularly welcomes your application if you are a mature learner or you have completed relevant Further Education programmes. Mathematics is not required for this course.

Career Opportunities

Design’s adaptability in continuously evolving environments is what makes its practices relevant in times of change. It has never been more valued as an economic force, nor has it been as culturally influential as it is now. For recent graduates, these course(s) has provided a competitive edge for entering the workplace. The skills learnt on the course are applicable to product/service ideation, development or improvement, or for startups and R&D teams who may be developing new and innovative offerings.Startup companies increasingly recognise the value of including designers in the early stages of business development and more and more companies now have their own design teams, and include “design” in their portfolios.

Examples of recent vacancies advertised by leading companies in this field include:

•Visual Designer,

•Human-Centered Designer,

•Environmental Designer,

•Creative Designer,

•Design Consultant,

•Design Researcher,

•Service & Interaction Designer – UI/UX Designer,

•Designer for Social Impact.

Course Format

Semester 1

Product Design 1 (Introduction of Core Skills)05
Professional Practice 1 (Core Communication Skills)05
CAD for Design 1 (Introduction)05
Digital Media for Design 1 (Foundation skills)05
Visual and Material Culture 1 (Introduction & Historical Survey)05
Visual Literacy05

Semester 2

Product Design 2 (Application of Core skills)10
Digital Media for Design 2 (Applied Digital Projects)05
CAD for Design 2 (Intermediate Geometry)05
Design Applied - Material and Processes05
Visual and Material Culture 2 (Frameworks of Modernity)05

Semester 3

Product Design 3 (User Centered Design)10
CAD for Design 3 (Advanced 3D Part)05
Digital Media for Design 3 (Digital rendering)05
Marketing for Designers05
Visual and Material Culture 3: (The Contemporary World)05

Semester 4

CAD for Design 4 (Assembly)05
Product Design 4 (Designer and Client)10
Visual and Material Culture 4 ( Design for Social Impact)05
Digital Media for Design 4 (Vector graphics)05
Digital Lens Based Media 4 - Intro to Video Production05

Semester 5

Product Design 5 (Industry/Competition Project)10
Creative Interdisciplinary Practice I05
CAD for Design 5 (Product)05
Digital Media for Design 5 (3D modeling)05
Professional Practice 5 (Business Planning)05

Semester 6

Legal Issues for Creative Industries [E]05
Product Design 6 (Portfolio of Experience) [E]20
Design in Context 1 (Research Methodologies) [E]05
Work Placement (Elective) [E]25
Erasmus Experience (Design) [E]30

Semester 7

Product Design 7 (Design Thinking)15
Design in Context 2 (Research Report)05
Professional Communications 1 (Visual Identity & Branding)05
Digital Practice 1 (Production Drawing) [E]05
Digital Practice 2 (Digital Products) [E]05

Semester 8

Product Design 8 (Design Professionalism)15
Portfolio (Professional Designer)05
Design in Context 3 (Research and Engagement)05
Professional Communications 2 (Designer Profile)05

[E] = Elective Module. Modules subject to availability.