Sligo Engineering Fair

Sunday 1st March 2020 is the 2nd Engineering Fair at IT Sligo and it guarantees to be a great day out for all the family – children and adults!


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Between 12 -5pm there will be a range of performances, interactive displays, workshops and demonstrations for all the family to enjoy.

Here is just a sample of what’s going on:


The first and most iconic robot from Engineered Arts. Featuring an incredibly expressive range of movements and emotions, he is the perfect talking robot. He is at home as an entertainer, salesman, an actor in a film or theatre or as a teacher. Come along to the Sligo Engineering Fair Daymeet robothespian, have a chat and  interact with the robot with natural intelligence that captivates and inspires wherever it goes.



Particpants work in pairs or individually to build paper and card rockets. Once complete, we launch the rockets from our custom built launchers, supplying launch pressures up to 100 psi! The main STEM topics covered in this workshop are: Forces, Aerodynamics & Friction, as well as more holistic skills such as team working, communication, investigation etc.



Shaping the future of manufacturing – What do the following have in common? Shoes, sunglasses, knee   implants, hearing aids, aeroplane parts. The answer is they   can all be made using 3D printing technology! Advanced   manufacturing is changing how things are made, through   digital technologies such as 3D printing, data analytics and   artificial intelligence. Visit the advanced Manufacturing   demo area to see a sneak preview of the next industrial   revolution in action, and to meet the engineers who are   using 3D printing to make it happen!



Rough Guide to Engineering Discover how engineers design cars that go hundreds of miles an hour, build structures that can survive earthquakes, and cook food by using only Mirrors! “A Rough Guide” can show you how engineering has changed our lives! This is a careers driven show aiming to introduce secondary school pupils to the wide range of careers available in engineering, and to show them that they can aspire to be engineers too!



Can hydrogen provide a viable method of energy storage for vehicles of the future? This hands-on workshop allows participants to design and build a hydrogen powered model vehicle. Working in small groups, participants will design and construct their own model vehicle. Each group will be provided with a hydrogen fuel cell to power their vehicle. Groups will then compete against each other to discover which design is the most efficient. Participants are encouraged to take an iterative approach, designing and building vehicles quickly so they can see what works and what doesn’t, working out ways to improve their distance each time they test.


Exercise your artistic skills while learning some basics about mechanical movement in this creative technology workshop. Using a mix of pre-made parts, chopsticks, a cardboard box, and a load of art and craft materials, you can engineer a moving toy or automata that bursts into life at the turn of a handle. Suitable for all ages (younger children will need adult help).

The Sligo Engineering Fair is a FREE to all event.

  • No advanced booking required
  • All activities are drop in
  • Workshops are repeated throughout the day *
  • Workshops are on a first come basis with the following sessions allocated places if required.
  • Information available at the workshops on the day
  • *3D gaming has one session only with tickets available on the day from 12 noon at the Fair Day reception

For further details please contact: Oli Melia –

Take a look at the 2019 Sligo Engineering Fair to have a taste of the day!

The Sligo Engineering Fair 2020 is produced by IT Sligo in association with Science Foundation Ireland, STEPS Engineers Ireland and industry partners Abbott.