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The department of Health and Nutritional Sciences offers a wide range of exciting courses to prospective students that wish to pursue a career within the areas of Health Promotion, health science and physical activity, Human Nutrition as well as Health Informatics. Each course has been carefully designed and regularly updated to ensure that our students meet the highest level of academic standards and training sought by employers on both a national and international scale.

In recognising the broad learning needs of our students, many of these programmes are available to study across a range of QQI accredited levels. This allows students to progressively strengthen their skills and understanding in a specific field from Certificate (QQI L6) to Honours Degree (QQI L8), right through to Masters level (QQI L9). These programmes provide students with a blended learning approach, consisting of lectures (in-house and online), practical sessions, workshops and tutorials. The coursework of each programme has been designed by the academic staff to reflect industry relevant practices, scenarios and case studies, thus adequately preparing students for their future career.

Our academic staff are dedicated to developing innovative programmes in emerging areas of Health Science and Nutrition, which are in line with the requirements of employers. For example, our newly developed course in (BSc.) Health and Medical Information Science, will be offered to prospective students as a fully online, remote learning undergraduate degree programme.

This programme in Health and Medical Information Science in an important emerging area, has been designed with all practicals and workshops developed for online environments with live lectures and tutorials to enable access for students who are not in a position to move to Sligo, for a variety of reasons. This programme will also have a range of individual student supports and a virtual campus environment to ensure that all students will have a similar experience to traditional on campus students.

What type of student are you?

Our courses have been designed to capture the attention of people with an innate interest in health and nutrition, with a view to further growing their scientific understanding of the area. We encourage students from all walks of life that wish to pursue a career in health and nutrition. Our courses are regularly used as a springboard by students that wish to further study allied health disciplines with students transferring into a range of allied health programmes (such as Physiotherapy or Occupational Therapy) in numerous other universities.  Alternatively, study pursue various allied health areas such as Physiotherapy or Dietetics, once they have completed their original degree.

At IT Sligo we recognise the requirement for alternative approaches to gaining degree qualifications. Perhaps you are keen on pursuing a full time degree but require a flexible learner approach that means that you don’t have to move to Sligo to attend lectures or practicals but still achieve an uncompromised learning experience?  If so, our new programme in Health and Medical Information Science might be the perfect solution.


Meet the Head of Department

Dr. Thomas Smyth

Dr Smyth holds a B.Sc (Hons) in Biomedical Science, an MRes and a PhD in Natural product chemistry from Ulster University. His MRes and PhD involved the investigation of novel biologically active components from wild edible food. Prior to joining IT Sligo he was employed as a Senior Research Fellow in the Food Biosciences Department at Teagasc. His personal areas of research are primarily in the isolation and identification of novel bioactives from natural sources, including edible marine, terrestrial plant, wild fungi and food waste sources, for potential inclusion in functional foods.

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