Guidance, information and support for international students currently studying at IT Sligo.

Please contact the International Office if you have any questions or need further support.

Before Arriving in Ireland

There are important tasks you must complete before traveling to Ireland.

After you arrive in Ireland

If you have arrived in Ireland from a country outside of Ireland ‘Green List’ you should take the following actions:

Official Forms & Letters of Registration Status 

  • FormsIf you have official forms to be signed (e.g. Eramus+ Arrival Form, Financial Aid Documents ) please send a digital version or scanned copy  to
  • Request a Registration Status Letter: please complete this form if you are a registered international student at IT Sligo and you require a letter confirming your registration/enrollment (e.g. for opening bank accounts, registering with immigration/IRP cards or applying for a PPS Number). Note: you will need to be logged into your IT Sligo student account to complete the form.

Opening an Irish Bank Account 

There is an AIB Branch on IT Sligo Campus but this is now closed due to Covid-19 Public Health Guidance.

Further information about opening an Irish bank account is available in the Opening a Bank Account Information Guide_September 2020

Registering with Immigration & IRP Cards (First Time and Renewals) 

You will need to register with immigration if you are a Non-EU National and will be studying in Ireland for more than 90 days. This is required even if you did not need a visa to travel to Ireland. After you have successfully registered with immigration you will receive your Irish Residence Permit (IRP). Your IRP card will be valid for a specific period (normally 12 months). You will need to renew your IRP card every year before it expires. The cost to register or renew your IRP card is €300. (Debit/Credit Card Payment only)

Please see our Registering with Immigration Information Guide (September 2020) for further information.

Working in Ireland 

Non-EU Students can take up casual employment (subject to certain conditions) whilst studying if they have a valid IRP card/ Stamp 2 immigration permission. Students can work for a maximum of 20 hours per week except during ‘term holidays’ when students can work for a maximum of 40 hours per week. Please be aware that ‘term holidays’ are dates decided by INIS. They do not refer to IT Sligo’s Academic Calendar/ term dates.  The dates are 15 December-15 January and 1 June-30 September. Further information is available here.

Applying for a PPS Number

If you are offered a part time job you will need to apply for a Personal Public Service (PPS) number. This is a unique reference number that your employer will require. Detailed information on how to apply for a PPS Number and the documentation that you will need to provide is available online here.

Third Level Graduate Scheme

This is a scheme that enables Non-EEA students who have graduated from a recognised education institution to remain in Ireland for a specific period for the purpose of seeking graduate employment. The maximum period that students can remain in Ireland will depend on the level of qualification they have obtained. Students will need to meet certain conditions to be eligible for the Third Level Graduate Scheme. Further information is available online here

Food/Groceries – Online Deliveries

You can order shopping online and have it delivered directly to your accommodation. There are 2 shops in Sligo that deliver food/groceries online. These shops also sell household/ cleaning supplies and beauty/personal care products. Ordering food/supplies online is a simple process. You will need to 1) create an online account with your preferred shop 2) choose the items you want to buy 3) select your preferred delivery time and 4) pay for your order.

Phone / Sim

You can choose to purchase a new phone when you arrive in Ireland, or you can use your existing phone with an Irish sim card. (Your phone will need to be unlocked for this to work. Please contact your current network provider for help with unlocking your phone). There are several different mobile network providers in Ireland. They offer a range of different options and price plans. Sims can be ordered online and posted to your address in Ireland.