Centre for Research in the Social Professions

CRiSP is the leading multidisciplinary research centre in North-West Ireland, researching social policies and practices impacting on people’s daily lives. In partnership with social professionals and local communities, CRiSP’s mission is to improve the quality of life for people living within the region. For this work to happen, CRiSP utilises the knowledge, skills and expertise of:

  • Local people
  • Researchers from across IT Sligo
  • International, national and local partners (e.g. North American and European academic partners; national and local government; statutory, private and voluntary sector agencies).

Social science research at IT Sligo has achieved national and international recognition. CRiSP consolidates these achievements by creating a research space for social and health science researchers to collaborate together. We have identified an ambitious research agenda for 2014-2018. To achieve our vision, we intend to:Beach

  • Build research capacity
  • Support research capabilityFlowers
  • Strengthen research networks

Members of CRiSP include:

If you would like to collaborate with CRiSP on research-related activities, please contact our specialist staff or CRiSP directly.

Tamsin Cavaliero
Email: cavaliero.tamsin@nullitsligo.ie