Academic Success

Preparation for 3rd Level

This course has been designed for online, full and part time students at IT Sligo.

Its aim is to prepare students for college life and give helpful tips and advice on how to find information. This course covers everything a student needs from adapting to college life to managing study skills and academic integrity.

The entire course will take approximately 5 hours to fully complete. However modules can be completed individually or all 3 can be completed together as one course.


Courses Modules
1. What is higher education for? University or college and you
What does it mean to be part of a university or college?
Adapting to higher education
Becoming part of your university or college community
2. Introduction to student skills Starting your studies
Developing your study skills
Personal and organisational skills
3. Academic integrity Academic integrity
How to avoid plagiarism
Navigating pitfalls
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