Changing my course

If you are unsure about the course you have chosen the first thing you need to do is talk to your Head of department. In addition to your Head of department there is a support structure available which will help you make any potential decisions. If you are in this situation it is quite difficult – there is help available so don’t panic.

The Careers Advisory Service may be able to help you identify your options. Make an appointment to meet with Mark in the Careers Service. It might help if you have a think about your interests and the Career Directions Matching exercise (linkbelow) may help you to think about potential options.

Also go to the ‘Need some advice to help me plan for my future’ section of the Careers site which will help.

There are a wide range of Student support services in place for you. Visit the Current students part of the site for further information.

What are my options ?
Remain on the course ?

To help you consider any decision about your choice of course think about the following:

Could you get extra tuition in difficult subjects, arrange extra tutorials with others in the class, make a better effort to keep on top of the workload? Can you talk to a tutor to explain your concerns and ask him/her to recommend some background reading material? Is it possible to alter your module options within the course?

Leave your course ?

If you decide to leave your course, make sure you can articulate your reasons for doing so – this will help you to avoid making the same mistake next time and will enable you to explain your decision to others.

Feelings of anxiety, apprehension and uncertainty are natural if you decide to leave a course. Expect lots of advice too from family, friends and tutors. Try to approach the decision making process in a rational and positive way and remember that the decision has to be the right one FOR YOU!

There are financial considerations to take into account: the date on which you leave your course can have an implication for funding of any future course you might wish to pursue. Depending on the date that you leave your course, you may be entitled to full fees, half fees, or no fees paid for you for the first year of a subsequent course of study.

If you do decide to leave your course there is a procedure to follow: you should contact your class tutor and Head of School and visit the Registrations/ Admissions Office at your college site to collect a Withdrawl form. Email or pop down to the office which is opposite the library.

Additional resources

Go to the Prospects site and access the following information on leaving your course.