Yeats Academy of Arts, Design & Architecture Yearbook 2020

It is with enormous pride and great delight that we unveil our Yeats Academy 2020 Yearbook.

This yearbook celebrates a comprehensive profile of our graduating students and presents a wide range of very creative and inspiring projects developed by our highly talented students.


Download a PDF copy of the Yearbook by clicking the link below:

IT Sligo YAADA Yearbook 2020


You can also view our showcase online by clicking below:


List of courses

Level 8 Honours Degree Programmes
SG 347 Architecture
SG 245 Creative Design
SG 244 Fine Art
SG 348 Interior Architecture and Design
SG 241 Performing Arts
SG 249 Writing and Literature
SG 254 Writing and Literature (online

Level 7 Degree Programmes
SG 232 Creative Design
SG 231 Fine Art
SG331 Interior Architecture and Design
SG 236 Performing Arts (Acting)
SG 235 Performing Arts (Theatre Design)
All Level 7 programmes have a 1 year Level 8 add-on

Level 9 Masters Degree Programmes
Masters of Arts Through Creative Practice

For more details on YEATS ACADEMY OF ARTS, DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE, visit the faculty page here: